Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy Birthdays!

And so it is spring (sort of) and once again we celebrate Maddie and Cole's birthdays!  

We have had a busy year and the kids are growing so fast!  Maddie is getting ready to finish 1st grade!  She is growing into such an independent girl.  She has been involved in lots of stuff this year- swimming, field hockey, ballet, Girl Scouts- among other things.  She recently took part in her school talent show where she sung "Tomorrow" from Annie with a friend and danced by herself!  Maddie is also getting ready to start horseback riding again.  She is excited to have received a riding helmet, pants, boots and lessons for her birthday!  She also wants to learn how to knit... have to find someone else to teach her that!  The song I chose for Maddie's video "Fly to Your Heart" by Selena Gomez is actually the song Maddie danced to during the talent show.  It is the theme song to Tinkerbell but I also think that it speaks to Maddie's personality and I hope that she can remember the words to this song and keep their deeper meaning close to HER heart as she continues on this crazy journey of life... and so Maddie, I hope that you always fly to who YOU are, rise to the heights of all you can be- and I know you will find marvelous things!  Happy Birthday Maddie- I hope 7 is a wonderful year for you!  We love you more than you could know!

And our little man Cole is now 4!  How can this be?  It seems like just yesterday that he started causing me heartburn and grey hair... and he wasn't even born yet!  As most of you are aware- from his birth, Cole has been our "mock 1" child- constantly on the go, doing dangerous things, very strong willed... but also just as sweet and loving as a kitten.  Cole has been home with me this year and enjoying it- I think.  He and his cousin have also been attending a preschool program 2 mornings a week for 2 hours- just enough time to get them out of the house for a bit.  He knows the alphabet, can count to 29 (mostly), knows his colors and shapes, and has started using some pretty advanced words (as far as I'm concerned) for his age such as "actually" and "definitely".  Cole is looking forward to playing T-ball starting next week and to starting Pre-K in the fall (in the same room that Owen is in now)!  The song I picked for Cole's video is "Anything Like Me" by Brad Paisley.  The song talks about some crazy things that little boys do and I can picture Cole doing any and all of them!  So Cole, our crazy but lovable little guy- I know that you want to be 5 already, but don't grow up too fast.  Despite the grey hair, I want you to do all those crazy little boy things... We love you our Coley Moley... don't ever change!

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Tears are flowing.. so wonderful