Saturday, October 15, 2011

5 months and Fall Time Fun!

Another month gone by so quickly and Avery is 5 months old! She has had an exciting month. A few days after she turned 4 months old I put her down on the ground, expecting her to fall right over- but she sat up all by herself- a whole 1-2 months earlier that any of her siblings! Also a few days after she turned 4 months old I decided to let her try some baby food, again not expecting her to do well with it- she gobbled it right up and looked at us as if to say "you've been holding out on me"! Here she is, from 4-5 months old... our "Baby Goose"!
Also mixed in are some pictures of all the kids having some fall fun!


Watch out guys... I cat sit up!

Pumpkin Land

Maddie on the zip line

Pedal bikes in the rain

"I love Daddy's mashed potatoes"!

Baby Goose

Playing in the leaves.

What a cutie!

cute kids

Ready for school pictures

Avery's 1st pumpkin!


Sweet girl!