Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our vacation

We just had a very relaxing week off. Nonnie and Papa came to visit and then we just hung around, did some days trips and then visited Grandma and Grandpa and Great Grandma Joan.

Here are some of the pictures from our week...

Madelyn trying Mommy's makeup.

Sleeping soundly.

At Niagra Falls.

We took a day trip to Letchworth State Park about 45 minutes away. It was beautiful with lots to see and 3 waterfalls. It is called The Grand Canyon of the east.

Maddie's 1st elephant ride at the Big E! She was fine until the elephant started to walk and flap its ears. Then she wanted to sit in my lap.

Owen practicing his standing-- he's so proud of himself!

On our last day at Lake George we woke up early and took Maddie to the Glens Falls balloon festival. We stopped and got coffee on the way to see the 6:30am launch of about 90 hot air ballons. It was a pretty amazing site. I would definately go back sometime in the future. Here are just some of the pictures.

Now it is back to the routine. Up early every day for work. Oh well, such is life. Hope everyone is well. Happy Fall!