Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! What a day. I think I'm more tired than the kids... We started the day off with swimming lessons, which Maddie is getting pretty good at. Owen is still not sure he likes to participate a whole lot. He does love to throw the ball around the pool though. Nonnie and Papa met us at swimming and then spent the day visiting and helping around the house. Cousins Elias, Josiah and Aidan came over and we all had some dinner before heading out for trick-or-treating. Maddie and Elias went to every house we came to. Maddie was pretty funny... she kept saying "gracias" since Dora speaks Spanish. Maddie was Dora the Explorer, Owen was Swiper the sneaky Fox, and Cole was Boots the Monkey. Josiah and Owen got tired and didn't want to walk after a while and the babies were fine. Cole enjoyed looking around and I think Aidan slept for a while. After trick-or-treating we went to wish Great Grammy a Happy Birthday and then the kids fell asleep on the ride home... after Owen chewed through his glow bracelet... hope those are non-toxic! Here is the gang. Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!

Owen, Cole and Maddie

Maddie, Nonnie, Cole, Papa and Owen

From left to right and top to bottom:
Papa, Cole, Nonnie, Aidan, Grammy, Elias, Madelyn, Josiah and Owen

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Fall 2009

It is becoming apparent, though I've realized it before now, that between work, home improvements and 3 kids that we rarely have time to update this blog. I'm sorry for that but we are enjoying ourselves and the kids which is what is really important.

Here are some pictures from this fall so far.

Apple picking with Nonnie and Papa.

Cole sitting up in the tub for the first time. He had so much fun splashing the water!

All 3 kids in the tub.

Playing in the leaves.

Maddie, Owen, Elias and Josiah at Grammy's birthday dinner.


Little pumpkins!

At the corn maize.

Maddie said "I wanna ride on the really fast thing" and I stupidly said "OK, sure I'll take you". The "really fast thing" was 4 barrels being pulled across a field by an ATV. Hmmm, something is wrong with these pictures... mainly that I'm in them!


Cole already rocking back and forth on his knees! I can't believe that he's already 6 months old. Sometimes it feels like just yesterday that he was born but more often it feels like he's been here forever with us. He is growing so big so fast!

Our new pellet stove!

As always, we hope that you are all happy and healthy and enjoying your fall. Thanks again for checking us out and I hope to keep posting... but we know how that goes.