Friday, June 26, 2009

Marriage, Mud, and Moving

Happy Anniversary to us!

5 years ago at just about this time Ben and I were saying "I do"! It's hard to believe that 5 years has past so quickly (well, really 10 1/2 years) but it has. So much has happened since then... Ben completed medical school, residency and now fellowship; we've lived in 3 states; and have had 3 amazing children! Here are some pictures from our wedding day and then some taken just yesterday.

It has been rainy with thunderstorms here the last few days. Today during a break in the rain the kids took the opportunity to play in a mud puddle in the driveway!

And finally, the day we have been waiting for a long time is here AT LAST... Ben's last day of formal medical training is this Sunday night!!! He works nights tonight, tomorrow and then Sunday. The movers (we've never had someone else move us before) are coming on Monday morning to pack all our stuff and then on Tuesday to load the truck. When they drive away sometime on Tuesday, we will be very close behind them on our way to Maine! We will spend the rest of the week at Ben's parents house and then next Monday, July 6, we sign papers on our new house!
We can not wait to get settled in and start making it home!
This will probably be our last post from Rochester, NY so good-bye and thank you to all of our new friends here. It has been a pleasure working with and getting to know all of you! Please come visit us in Maine!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Rochester Airshow

Two weekends ago we went to the airshow with the kids. It was over Lake Ontario and we had great weather. Here are some pictures of the A-10, Canadian Snow Birds, and the US Army Golden Knights Parachuters. Maddie was not a fan of all the noise, again, but the boys seemed oblivious.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Owen and Cole had their checkups the other day...

Owen: 27 lbs 6 oz and 33 inches!!
Cole: 11 lbs 3 oz and 22 inches

Cole had his first round of shots and other than being mad at the nurse he did great! Owen was all caught up and didn't need any!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Cute Kids

At Letchworth State Park


At the parade

Chasing bubbles

At the jump house club

Trying to catch Cole's smile

Visit to Aunt Kristen's

On our way back from MA we stopped at Kristen and Scott's house for a day to pick up Kristen and to finally get a chance to see their home. This is Maddie and Owen on Uncle Scott's motorcycle.

While we were there we took the kids to a really cool park with an awesome covered sand pit and a discovery center in Binghamton. The kids had lots of fun driving the fire engine, dressing up, shopping and playing with bubbles.

And this is just Owen being cute!