Friday, March 23, 2012

10 months old!

I have to say I haven't taken many pictures this month because we've been preoccupied with our renovations (more pictures to come soon), but here are a few. Avery is becoming such a "big girl". She loves to stand and pull herself up on things though she has not ventured to take a few steps. Sometimes she will let go but only until she actually realizes that she is not holding on to anything! We have been enjoying the beautiful weather here though I discovered yesterday that Avery is NOT a fan of the beach... she cried each time I tried to put her down. I don't think she liked the feel of the sand! The first picture is Avery checking out the fish at the aquarium in CT when we visited Aunt Kristen, Uncle Scott and cousin Riley! The others are of Avery enjoying the unseasonably warm weather this week. She loved her first swing ride too!