Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Well 4 years ago, just about now, we were headed to the hospital in Virginia as we prepared to welcome our 2nd baby into our lives! Our little man Owen will be 4 years old tomorrow! It seems just like yesterday that the nurse handed him to us with his little Santa hat on. He was the smallest at birth, weighing only 7 lbs 3 ounces... we used to call him "chicken legs". Not anymore though. Our baby boy now weighs almost 40 lbs and is almost as tall as his older sister! Though still our shyest and most sensitive, Owen is really coming into his own. He loves superheros, trains, trucks, coloring, building things, playing pirates and just about everything else. He is an awesome big brother to Avery... he would do anything for her! He won't start Pre-K until next fall, when he is almost 5, but he is ready and excited to learn anything that anyone will teach him! He is also super excited that he has learned to write his name recently!

I heard this song, "I've Been Watching You" by Rodney Atkins, about 2 years ago and have been waiting since then to use it in Owen's birthday video, since it talks about his 4 year old boy. Ben does not care for country songs, but I thought it was perfect since Owen (well all the kids really) watch everything that Ben does and just loves to spend time with him doing anything from watching TV, to reading stories, to making dinner, to fixing the lawn mower, to hanging Christmas lights, etc, etc... (you get the point)!

Hope you enjoy the video. We love you Owen, our sweet boy! Happy Birthday!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

7 months old... and other things!

Hard to believe that another month has gone by and Avery is now 7 months old! We have had a very busy month preparing for and celebrating Christmas twice already with family. The kids are super excited for Santa to come next week and to hopefully get a glimpse of Rudolph. Owen told Maddie yesterday that he saw him on the roof of the mall... I think he was trying to make her jealous. Avery is growing like a weed though I think she is still the most petite of the bunch. At her last visit she weighed 15 lbs 7 ounces, but was 27 inches long! She is not crawling yet, but I bet she will be next month. She gets up on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth and is becoming more daring about reaching for things that are out of her reach. Here are some (quite a few) pictures of the past month. Enjoy and be sure to check back after Wednesday to see Owen's birthday post and video! Happy Holidays!

Helping choose and cut down the tree

Decorating the tree

Emmitt, our Elf on the Shelf

Maddie's Christmas wish list. It is addressed to Santa and Emmitt since Emmitt took it with him to the North Pole one night!

Christmas at Nonnie and Papa's

Just playing...

Such a sweet face!

Checking out my new ball popper!

Excited about his new race track!

Cole sound asleep on the floor after tearing his bed apart in a tantrum...

Owen's swimming lessons

Cole at Owen's swimming lessons

Maddie wrote out all the words to Jingle Bells... I'm not sure why, but she did a good job!

Maddie in her 1st school music concert!