Saturday, May 26, 2007

Outer Banks trip

We just got back from our vacation to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We had a great time! It was nice and relaxing... just what we needed!
Maddie started out the trip by turning her car seat around facing forward! What a big girl!
After we got there we just relaxed and went to dinner at one of the local places. The next day we headed out to explore. These pictures are of Roanoke Island, where the first settlers from England settled. We had lunch in Manteo, a cute little waterfront community on the island before heading back to our hotel.

Maddie chillin' in the beach chair... that's the life.
Maddie on the boardwalk.

This is Carratuck Lighthouse. We took a drive up to the Northern shore and checked out this lighthouse as well as the towns of Duck and Carolla. Along the way we saw many Brew Thrus which are drive thru beverage stations. We didn't go through one but we got a picture.

This is Maddie's absolute FAVORITE new thing to do...

Our first hotel was a mile away from the Wright Brothers Memorial which was neat to see.

Also close to our hotel, in Nags Head, was Jockey Ridge State Park. This is home of the largest sand dunes on the east coast... measuring between 90-100 feet tall! There is a hand gliding school there and we saw lots of hand gliders jump off the edge of the dunes.

This is Ben and Maddie at the bottom of the dunes while I'm still at the top.

On our way to the Southern shore we stopped at Bodie Island lighthouse.

These are some pictures of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.

After visiting the lighthouses, we checked into our new motel and enjoyed a nice relaxing evening with pizza for us and macaroni and cheese for Maddie on the porch overlooking the ocean.
The next morning we took the ferry over to Okracoke Island. Maddie enjoyed the ride and made friends with one of the other kids on board.

We visited the Okracoke Island Lighthouse, saw a "pirate", and the Okracoke ponies which are different from any other breed of horses. They have a different number of ribs and vertebrae and are believed to be decendents of Spanish mustangs.

After lunch we took the ferry back to Hatteras and went back to out hotel and hung out on the beach. Here are some pictures of the waves and water.

And we're sorry Nonnie but this is what Maddie really thinks of the beach...

On our last morning Ben set the alarm early and we watched the sun rise over the ocean from our porch.

And after a long week of vacationing... Maddie enjoys the ride home... oblivious to the holiday weekend traffic... wish I could say the same!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

New Pictures

Mommy and Daddy are sorry they haven't posted in a while but here are a few new pictures to enjoy. This is me on my ride-on/push car. I love to push it all around the living room but I especially love it when Mommy and Daddy push me on it and make "Brooommmmmm" sounds like a "real" car!

This is me playing outside with my big ball. It is a little too big for me to actually pick up yet but I had so much fun pushing it around on the grass!