Sunday, June 17, 2012

Springtime Shenanigans!

Hello, we hope that everyone is doing well!  We have had a very busy spring!  We have enjoyed some nice weather but have also had a lot of rain!  Maddie has been very busy with end of the school year things at school, ballet recitals and such- so most of these pictures are of her!  Owen, Cole and Avery have finished daycare and now all 4 kids are at home with a babysitter (an old day care teacher) when I am at work.  I am still working only 2-3 days a week so it is not so bad.  We started off the spring by finishing up our house renovations (which I just realized I still need to post pictures of)!  We celebrated Maddie, Cole and Avery's birthdays-  the first pictures below are of Avery's birthday!  Maddie had her 1st ballet recital as well as a class play where she was the "big" billy goat in 3 Billy Goats Gruff, alphabet parade at school and also played soccer!  Owen was signed up to play T-ball but decided that he absolutely, under no circumstance, was interested in playing- or swimming which he was also signed up for... I guess we'll wait until he's "really ready" to do those kinds of things... our terribly shy boy!  Cole also decided that he was not at all interested in swimming lessons... oh well.  (Another reason that all the pictures below are of Maddie)!  Maddie also received, for her birthday, a gift certificate for a horseback riding lesson- which we redeemed yesterday... Maddie LOVED it!  She met a very nice horse named Oley, that she rode for an hour.  Maddie was quite comfortable- "a natural"- now she wants a horse of her own (not if we have anything to do with it)!  Enjoy the pictures below.  (Sorry there are so many, I couldn't decide between them.  Also I don't care for the single file nature of them- this is a new way of downloading them that I haven't figured out yet...)  Enjoy and Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

Avery's birthday

Avery enjoying a popsicle

Our Billy Goat

Our little "toddler"

"M is for mint, many and Maddie"

Sleepy Cole

Our little ballerina in her ballet recital "Peter Pan"

playing soccer

"Off I go"

Horseback riding with Oley!

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